Do the same problems keep cropping up in your relationships? your work? your confidence?

Have you tried to make changes but then slipped back into old habits and patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy?

Life doesn't have to be a struggle

In Out Of Fear Into Love:life doesn't have to be a struggle, therapist and coach Marléne Rose Shaw shares the process she has developed from helping thousands of people let go of fear and achieve happier relationships and more confidence.

She explains how and why limiting beliefs, based in fear, take such a firm grip on our lives and sabotage our happiness.

She teaches how to utilise proven psychological methods to access the subconscious mind and clear those limiting beliefs, and how to replace them with self-love practices which improve every part of life.

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Patterns such as needing to “please others”, or needing to “prove our worth” ultimately take away happiness. They keep us stuck in a state of fear and worry about never being good enough.

When we let that go and learn to love ourselves we can make ourselves strong, and confident, and capable of achieving our dreams

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In this book you will learn:

  • To identify how the four most common limiting beliefs may be impacting on your life
  • To use the incredibly powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you let go of those limiting beliefs – permanently
  • To restore the four types of self-love that those beliefs block
  • To work with an important step often overlooked in self-empowerment work—a step which will significantly help you to achieve much happier relationships, confidence and success.

What people are saying about Out Of Fear Into Love

High praise indeed for Out Of Fear, Into Love. Marléne has created an outstanding book here that really connects and draws the reader in without them feeling overwhelmed in the process.

What I so love about this book is that Marléne explains things in a way that makes you think: 'Oh yes, that happened to me, I can relate to that.

 James Gardner
James Gardner Author of How To Heal From Trauma and PTSD: Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Person You Want To Be

If life has always been a struggle, Out of Fear, Into Love is the book for you.  It offers a range of transformational tools and techniques to release the emotional blocks that keep you stuck in a life of survival. After reading this wonderful book of wisdom you’ll find yourself falling in love with life and thriving.  Moving out of fear and into love is a journey you won’t regret taking—you’ll only wish you did it sooner.

Wendy Fry
Wendy Fry Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE: Get to the heart of love and relationships using EFT

This book is a game changer. Even after all the self-development work I've done, reading this book had me in tears. Of joy, relief, connectedness and love.

Marléne's book gently takes us from understanding how we get stuck in our struggles, to practical tips, exercises and strategies we can use to move out of strife and into a loving space to create our lives anew.

Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham Author of No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

In Out of Fear, Into Love, Marléne Shaw has made a unique contribution to helping us recognize when we are operating from a place of fear. She has also presented us with a series of strategies that help us to effectively move beyond it. This book has a perfect balance of personal story, unique concepts, case studies, tools and practices.

Sasha Allenby
Sasha Allenby Co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, author of Write an Evolutionary Self-Help Book

Marléne has created a reassuring book drawing on her many years of experience as a therapist.  Her gentle, understanding approach immediately puts you at your ease, as she takes you on a journey that is easy for us all to relate to.  With the help of case studies, Marléne clearly explains the reasons why so many of us find life a struggle. Her step by step transformation process guides us to a more self-kind and resourceful way of living.

Sue Williams
Sue Williams Lead author of Believe You Can Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire

Marléne Rose Shaw has skilfully put into writing the process she has used to assist her therapy clients to transform their limiting beliefs. Out of Fear, Into Love is a thoughtful and effective guidebook. Lack of self-love and lack of self-care are at the root of many emotional blocks, and I am inspired by how well this book addresses what self-love is and how to recover it. This is a book to DO, not just skim.

Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens Author of Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint, and Live Your Soul Purpose
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Marléne Rose Shaw, BA (Hons) App. Psych is a therapist and an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She has a thriving practice in the UK and online. Over the past twenty years she’s helped thousands of people change their lives for the better.

She is passionate about helping people overcome problems that have been keeping them stuck and unhappy, sometimes for decades, to move forward to become the creators of their own lives and destinies.

In her books she shares a number of the tools and techniques that she uses in her one-to-one sessions with clients. She also includes case studies to help the reader connect and identify themselves with the problems and solutions described.